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Венчурная компания ACTIVAT VC

History of Activat VC

Venture capital company Activat VC (formerly Smart Investments) was established in 2014 in Kazakhstan. The company started as a startup studio and independently launched 6 of its own projects. According to the canons of the venture capital industry, 5 out of 6 startups failed, and since that time there has been only one successfully operating project - i-teka, a medical portal to search for drugs in pharmacies, as well as to find doctors and online consultations with them.

Over several years of working with its own projects, Activat VC has accumulated strong enough expertise that it has been able to support other startups with mentorship and seed funding. Gradually, Activat VC has evolved into an investment company that puts smart money into early stage startups.

As the number of invested projects expanded, an ecosystem of young entrepreneurs began to form around Activat VC, later merged into the Uley community (renamed Activat Startup). Currently, Activat Startup includes about 250 funders and team members who share news, discuss common problems, and find like-minded people on one platform.

In parallel, since 2019, a community of business angels and private investors who would like to get involved in venture capital investment has started to form around Activat VC. Activat VC became their coordinator and leader. The Pragmatic Investors Club (renamed Activat Invest), established in 2020, became a place of communication, experience exchange and joint investment. Thus, under the auspices of Activat VC, a pool of investors financed such startups as ApartX, LoopOne and others.

The geography of Activat VC's activities gradually began to expand. In 2019, cooperation with American partners was launched: Network VC Syndicate Fund, as well as Starta, Around Capital and others. Thanks to these relationships, Activat VC has had the opportunity to invest in successful US startups such as HyPoint, Respeeсher, 3DLOOK, etc., some of which have demonstrated multiple value growth.

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Company's mission

Investing in ideas that make life more convenient and interesting


We value an ethical approach to business and consistently adhere to our chosen values. These are respect and trust in employees and partners, openness, honesty, efficiency and support for innovation

Rules of corporate culture

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An all-in-one retail management platform for SMBs with everything for managing point of sale, inventory, CRM, analytics, e-commerce and financial tools designed to succeed in the new digital world.



No-code platform that helps to generate any web application without hiring external IT experts and programming skills


Integrated help line service "I-teka"

A medical portal to search for medicines in pharmacies, as well as to find doctors and online consultations with them.



Hourly employee matching service for stores and restaurants.



Service for convenient apartment rental and control with smart locks.



Artificial intelligence based customer scoring service for financial institutions.



A web platform where users can buy and sell personal closet items with the assurance of secure online payment and door-to-door delivery.



The QazTracker system allows real-time monitoring of animal health, enabling farmers to increase their herd size by up to 100% annually.



Provides offline retailers with a sales funnel to analyze conversion in detail from the beginning of the store entrance to the exit of each potential customer, determine occupancy and report instantly with unique artificial intelligence technology with +98% accuracy.



The first automated platform for running and participating in social media contests.



Innovative delivery service in Uzbekistan. Courier service allows you to reach your customers wherever they are by providing innovative solutions for your business, including APIs, plugins and mobile apps.


Vyng (USA)

Next-generation Caller ID platform that visualizes every call to start better conversations between friends, families, and businesses. The Vyng app replaces your old-school dialer and visualizes unknown calls with videos, animation, stickers and more.


Respeecher (USA)

A program that converts a person's voice into the voice of any other person


3DLook (USA)

A program to determine a person's exact size from their photos for comfortable clothes shopping in online stores.


PitchMe (USA)

A job matching program using artificial intelligence to find candidates for job openings.



Hydrogen battery company



A system of virtual avatars controlled by artificial intelligence.



Fast and high quality court transcription service for court reporters and lawyers.



Digital tools that help visualize interiors when selling finishing materials.



Marketplace of author tours from travel experts and private independent guides



Платформа городских данных и проектирования на основе искусственного интеллекта для команд городских дизайнеров, которая помогает им сотрудничать, не требуя знаний в области ГИС.


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